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My Father’s voice brought a series of images to my mind’s eye.
They played like as though I was there watching and with the realization a horrible emotional grip took hold of me.

“Laufey’s son,” I repeated unintentionally, not in question but to hear it from his own mouth. I blinked, remembering where I was than brought my gaze up to look at my Father to hear his confirmation. Our eyes met, silence held me there with anxious anticipation for a second; my heart beating in a horrible fast rhythm inside my chest as though it wanted to break free.

“Yes,” he said with a voice that sounded so far away from me.

I was dumbfounded; my emotions ridden mad to a point where my own father’s words were spoken in a language I knew and was native to but now could not decipher them through my clash of confusion and growing denial.

“Why?” I asked him, my breath picking up with the panic I was holding back. The flame inside me was growing with anger, with rage. My mind was swimming with a flood of questions from a broken dam that could have been my sanity.

“You were knee-deep in Jotun blood. Why would you take me?” I looked at him, my voice was beginning to gain volume. His voice answering my question seconds after it had left my lips, telling me that I was an innocent child. That was what he wanted me to believe; perhaps he had even believed it himself.

“No,” I started quickly after him, hoping to prolong anymore confessions.
“You took me for a purpose. What was it?” My voice was demanding for a response.

But it didn’t come. Like a sick joke he just stared at me, lips parted and ready to free more short sentences but instead he just held his gaze as if I was past some point of no return.
My labored breaths began to quicken; the silence only broken by those continuous anxious gasps; the space around me swirled with the changing atmosphere.

Suddenly I snapped. My body tensed at an incredible speed and my adrenaline was pumping through my veins like liquid fire. “TELL ME!” I screamed, towards the rooted figure, hoping to break whatever trance he was in to make him listen. Surprised by the swift change in physical and mental emotion my body cringed and flinched.

The disclosure I’d hoped for shattered.

A peace would come through me he said. But how could I believe this; that what he said, what was revealed to me was my planned purpose?

I felt alone and stuck in time.
A Frost Giant raised and walking through Asgard this whole time in alien skin.
The man before me wasn’t my father but just a King who was old and tired.
My childhood was an illusion.
Thor was gone, I had no one now.
My life was a lie.
Written Scene from the movie Thor
I have other scenes written up that I'll probably add once I make a photo for them.
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